Welcome to Go Farther Sports

Coach "Iron" Pete Priolo - Grand Slammer of Ultrarunning, Top Age Group Triathlete and Ultrarunner

Extensive Triathlon and Endurance Running Experience

I've worked with athletes in both the triathlon and ultrarunning worlds and bring extensive experience to my coaching. Learn how to push your training, know when to back off and recover, minimize injuries and maximize fitness in the process.

Work with both New York and New Jersey athletes

I'm based in Staten Island in New York, but am also centered with a running club in and around Central New Jersey. So I have the beat of both communities in those two states


Optimize your fitness while minimizing injury. I work with beginner triathletes, triathletes getting ready for their first Ironman, experienced triathletes, short distance runners, marathoners, and ultrarunners up to the 100 mile distance!

Benefits and Services

Go Farther Sports provides the following products and services.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group training and fitness
  • Nutrition , primarily primal, for optimal performance
  • Swim Instruction and Form
  • Running and Cycling Strength and Form

"I've been racing triathlons and ultras since 1989 and have been coaching since 2002. Training is an art; and I've used my art on my athletes to realize their triathlon, Ironman and ultrarunning goals. Few other coaches can work with both triathletes and ultrarunners to achieve their optimal fitness."

Owner, Coach "Iron" Pete Priolo

Teams - Raritan Valley Road Runners and Staten Island Tri Club

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