About Me


Coach "Iron" Pete Priolo

- 7 Ironman Triathlons - 10 hours 36 minutes PR

- 2013 Grand Slammer of Ultrarunning

- 18 Hundred Mile Ultramarathons - 21 hours 24 minutes PR

- 3rd Place Age Group - 2018 USA Track and Field Nationals 100 Mile Championships

- Ran 200 miles in 72 hour race (3 Days at the Fair)


Go Farther Sports

Having been a triathlete since 1990 and an ultrarunner since 2002, I've always been curious about testing the limits of human endurance. I've adopted the skills necessary to push those boundaries without risking health to the body. I've been in endurance sports for all this time, and at 49 years old, I feel i can still do well for the next 30 years!

I love to impart my knowledge of fitness and training to every one of the athletes I coach. I've successfully trained athletes for Ironman triathlons (especially Ironman Hawaii), National Triathlon Championships, marathons, and especially ultramarathons of up to 100 miles.

Our Mission

To make you live life to the fullest, and then get you to the finish line!